Professional and Scientific Gift & Talent Assessment Portal


This Online Portal starts your Professional and Scientific Assessment of your Talent / Gift and provides you with an opportunity to initiate communication with us.

Once you have registered your basic information, one of our experts will contact you with details on how to proceed further with the assessment at the following stages:

(i) Oral Screening

(ii) Psych-Screening

(iii) Anthropo-Biometric Machine Screening

On completion of the full assessment to the last stage (iii) above, your report will be ready within 48 hours

NOTES: Please scroll down this form presented and fill it fully, before pressing the "Register" button in green at at the bottom of the form.

Without knowing your talent professionally and scientifically, and getting into a learning or education system, you will be like someone swimming in the ocean without a destination

Any person pushing a learner through an academic process without knowing his/her talent, is like someone providing an injection to a patient without any medical review